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I support Black-on-Black Economics

One common misconception I seem to constantly run into when discussing reparatory justice is the idea that there is only one way in which such justice can be delivered – through a lump sum given to the descendants of slaves.

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Black People in New York City Are Not Safe

On February 1, 1968, two Black Memphis sanitation workers were crushed to death when the compactor on their truck was accidentally triggered. It was the last in a series of events that would eventually lead the city’s majority Black sanitation

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A New, Safer Chicago? End the Grass Gap

The targeting of Black people in Chicago for minor marijuana possession is not making our city a safer place. There is not a weekend that goes by without national reports of gun violence in communities across the city. Many of

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How a Fair Wage Saved My Life

It took me years to find my freedom. Chicago’s foster care system introduced me early to the compounded challenges of living as both Black and unemployed. Being denied access to meaningful employment informed every aspect of the community around me

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