F*ck Up Some Commas: How to Effectively Advocate Around DC’s Budget

It’s budget season, ya’ll – time to f*ck up some commas.

Last year, Mayor Bowser authorized nearly $500 million dollars for the Metropolitan Police Department, money that would be better used supporting marginalized DC residents. Expanding access to food, truly affordable housing, mental health services and quality education are all better uses of District resources than policing and incarceration. Join BYP100 as we continue our call for Mayor Bowser to defund the police and #BuildBlackFutures.

BYP100 DC in conjunction with the Fair Budget Coalition will be hosting a budget training for organizers and organizations interested in advocating effectively around the upcoming budget. Please RSVP by sending an email to dc.chapter@byp100.org with the subject line “Budget Training”. Light refreshments will be provided.